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Jan 10

Couple Focuses Camera on McKinney for Contest

Posted on January 10, 2018 at 1:24 PM by Beth Shumate

Claytons cute couple photoIt's been an exciting few days here in McKinney - for the city, for our office and for a young couple named Brady and Quinn Clayton. The excitement all came about because of a video the Claytons made for a contest they entered. Their video is special because it features McKinney as a fun place to find your own adventure!

Our mission at the McKinney Convention & Visitors Bureau is tourism. The main goal of that mission is to promote McKinney to potential tourists and to the locals. (Locals make fabulous ambassadors for our city when it comes to showing off the town to their family and friends.)

We take our mission very seriously here at the CVB, a happy thing for our staff since it's one we also happen to love immensely. We joke about how in the field of tourism and hospitality, it's not so much a job as something we just inherently do. It gets in your blood and becomes a passion that never truly leaves your mind. (Nice when a job/career does that since it makes it fun to come to work each day.)

Becoming Tourism CEOs
Because of our love for "all things McKinney," there was an immediate sense of kinship with the Claytons. For such a young couple, they certainly have done a lot of traveling, and videoing their adventures along the way. They love traveling so much, in fact, they decided to enter a contest to win a six-month assignment as "Cancun Experience Officer." In that position, their responsibility during their time there would be to "showcase the warmth, wonder, and essence of Cancun as one of the world's premier vacation destinations."

The contest, entered by several thousand contestants, involved making videos to explain and show an applicant's qualifications and passion for the assignment. The Claytons have advanced through each step of the contest and are now in the Top 10. For their finalist video, Brady (a McKinney native) and wife Quinn focused their camera on McKinney. 

We learned about this video from a post shared by a friend on Facebook, one of the many great aspects of social media. Since our first exchange with Brady via Facebook Messenger in the wee hours of Saturday morning, we've so enjoyed watching this thing take on a special life of its own. (Thank you, Facebook friends and fans, for helping spread the word!)

Sure, we may be helping promote a couple striving to win a contest that will take them away from Texas for a bit. But they created a darned good promotional video for McKinney, one that shows the fun, beauty and magic that makes our city (and specifically our historic downtown) a special place to visit!

Because of its value as a sort of commercial for McKinney tourism, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to show the video and the Claytons some love. The video is so exceptionally well-done, fun, quirky, and engaging. We love it so much, in fact, the video is also running on our 24-hour monitor in the front window of the Visitors Center. 

Please Vote!
We hope you enjoy the video as much as we do. You can watch it HERE. ... and after you watch, please vote for our new friends Brady and Quinn. It's super easy, and you can go back to vote once a day, then pass it along to your friends. Voting ends this Saturday (Jan. 13), and if the Claytons are still in the Top 10, they'll qualify for a trip to interview for the assignment. Let's help send the Claytons to Cancun!