Ask a Local!

hen you're visiting someplace new and you aren't sure about where to eat or have a picnic or go hiking, who do you turn to? Well, you "ask a local," of course! Our McKinney locals are always eager to share their favorites with visitors and new residents.

We asked some McKinney locals to tell us their favorite places to eat, hang out, go for walks, take the kids for the day, and more so we could share these with our visitors and potential visitors. 

Introducing Our Locals!

Our first group of locals - Courtney, Bree, Marshall, and Phyllis - shared with us what they love about this community. Click their photos to hear recommendations for must-see and must visit places to visit in McKinney!

We'll be adding more local folks to it in a series of ads and videos. Check back here often to be on the lookout for other places our Locals recommend!

Are You a McKinney Local?

If you live in McKinney and would like to be one of our "Ask a Local" folks, call 214-544-1407 or email us at

(Click images for videos)

Courtney Solstad-2Courtney

Marshall_Bree_for webMarshall & Bree

Phyllis-_ask a local pagePhyllis